The 'Didn't Happen' States.

One would assume that out of 6 'scheduled' races you would get at least 3 races actually happen. Due to unseasonally light winds (they kept telling us it usually blows a gale) this 'didn't happen', in fact one of the races started so late (waiting for wind) that we finished after sunset.

Unfortunately we needed 3 or more races to constitute a series so effectively the 2003 Victorian Cobra State Titles was a non-event. These are the results from the 2 races that were run, for information purposes only.

Australian Cobra Catamaran Victorian State Titles
Lake Bolac Aquatic Club
Scratch Results
Yacht NameSkipper's NameCrew's NameSail NumberPlacing
Race 1
Race 2
Really AwesomeChris WellsDavid Gannon3946 4
Live WireLaurie BradfordMegan Thornhill56610 5
N.R.M.A.Kevin Linnett(Ben Johnson)540DSQ10
DreamworxRick NixonRob Nixon5742 2
FoghornDerek ThornhillJames Marsh57612 9
HellfirePeter CaseyChris Gillian5695 12
TurboStan BlazejewskiAden Hawkins3984 13
GuruDavid BadrockLisa Badrock6709 7
ReddyRobert PullenBen Tansey51011 11
Mean AsMalcolm WinderLiam Gillespie5637 8
Passing WindMatt CoulsonEwan Fraser5751 3
Dan's BoatDaniel TonkesGrant Cleland5518 14
FusealightColin OrchardJennifer Gillespie5603 6
Magic PotionGreg KayJess Hawkins6 DNF1